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Thursday, November 20, 2008

a triple win - you, me, and those in need

Around the holidays each year, my thoughts turn to charitable giving. I am blessed to live a comfortable life, and I am grateful that I have enough discretionary income to knit, spin, take photos, and travel to see my fiber friends. Yet I know that there are many who struggle to afford even the basic needs of life.

This year, with especially difficult economic circumstances, food banks are anticipating greater demand for their services this winter. In lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts, my extended family is donating cash to a food bank instead.

I thought this would also be a good opportunity to do some destashing. I've gone through my stash to see what I can part with, and I will donate 50% of the asking price to a food bank.

This is a triple win!
  • A win for you, because you get some new yarn but know that half of that price will go to feed the hungry.
  • A win for me, because I get to clear out my stash and make a bigger charitable donation this year.
  • A win for the food banks, because cash is the most valuable donation they can receive. With cash, they can buy food at wholesale prices. Not only can they get more "bang for the buck" at wholesale prices, but they can also buy items that they need the most.

Take a look at what I’ve got for sale in my stash for sale page on Ravelry, and remember that half of that price will go directly to a food bank to help the hungry during the holiday season!

Lots of good stuff is there ...

And more!

PM/email for more info or shipping prices. Thanks for looking!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

last seen on September 23 ...

... the Orange Julius socks.

I'm pleased to say that they are now done!

Orange Julius socks (by aswim in knits)

Orange Julius socks (by aswim in knits)

These are part of my rainbow of socks:
Taste the Rainbow, II (by aswim in knits)

And I'm onto the yellow ones now ...
TTL mystery sock (by aswim in knits)

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

rockin' the vote

I voted today, and I hope you did too. I won't say much, because Carolyn and Carole said it better than I could.

At 7:15 this morning, we waited in traffic that stretched for nearly a mile. (8/10 to be exact).

voting traffic (by aswim in knits)

We cast our votes. But stickers were not given out at our polling place. I think I'm the only knitter who didn't get a sticker.

knitterly and crafty types like stickers (by aswim in knits)

Maybe I should follow Maritza's lead and make my own.

{Oh, breaking news, Obama just projected to take Ohio! Back to CNN ... see you tomorrow, to celebrate, I certainly hope!}

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Monday, November 03, 2008

you would think ...

... that with a shiny new camera, I would take more photos of the knitting, yes?

Sadly, no. I've been taking lots of photos of myself, but not so much of the knitting. I've finished a sweater and a pair of socks that you've seen in progress, but no photos. I also whipped up a quick hat for charity and started swatching for a sweater, but no new pictures of these either.

I'll make it my mission to get some decent pics in the next few days, but these dark days are such an obstacle ... (Hey, a photo of me modeling an FO counts as a self-portrait too, right? It's a two-fer!)

What else have I been up to recently?

Well, laundry, for starters ...
365.29: Behind Mt. Laundry (by aswim in knits)

And yardwork ...
365.35: raking leaves (by aswim in knits)

And a bit of quilting ...
365.30: sentimental (by aswim in knits)

Tonight, I'm off to go knit with friends, and I am SO looking forward to an evening of friends, food, and fiber. Ciao!

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