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Sunday, November 22, 2009

these are not just shoes ...

No, they are a whole lot more than that. They represent discipline, pride, motivation, challenge, friendship, strength, and accomplishment ... all of the things I have gained this year through running.

When I added running to my workouts this spring/summer, it was mostly because I wanted to get in better shape, and knew that swimming wasn't enough (for me) on its own.

I didn't expect to love running so much.

On Thanksgiving morning, I will run the Feaster Five, a 5 mile road race in my community. No matter what my results are, I will be proud of what I have accomplished this year.

I am a runner.


  • I had planned to start running this year, but have been sidelined -- and frustrated -- by plantar fasciitis. I envy you your sense of accomplishment. Well done!

    By Blogger Ruth, at 8:40 AM  

  • Yay you! I love running - have a great race. :-)

    By Blogger Thea, at 9:10 AM  

  • Congrats! That is awesome... !

    By Blogger wenders, at 9:50 AM  

  • Good for you! I wish I could find the motivation to get myself out there. If I tried to run I'd probably fall down!

    By Blogger Carole Knits, at 10:14 AM  

  • Amazeball. So proud of you!

    By Blogger Bertha, at 11:29 AM  

  • And I am impressed!

    By Anonymous Laurie, at 3:59 PM  

  • yay! congrats! you're inspiring me to pick up my running shoes again. (honestly, it's been way too long.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 AM  

  • It makes me so happy to see you love running so much!

    (I miss it like crazy, still.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:20 PM  

  • Huge congrats! I have perpetually sore ankles and feet, so it's unlikely I'll ever take up running, but we did just buy an exercise bike.

    (My verification word is jandipus, a rare beast indeed.)

    By Blogger Lucia, at 11:47 AM  

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