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Friday, July 20, 2007

a little help, please?

1) Have you knit a Clapotis? (Who hasn't? Oh wait, I haven't!) I have 500+ yards of Heritage Handpaint yarn, a rayon/silk blend, and I'd like to make a Clapotis with it. I think I need to downsize the pattern a bit. Anyone want to tell me how to do this? I know there are about a gazillion people who've done this, but I haven't quite wrapped my head around the pattern yet. Tips?

2) Sockapalooza: Last time around, my pal totally spoiled me with lots of little extras. I'd like to send a few things off to my pal, but I can't think of too many good ideas. She seems pretty private, and only posts knitting stuff on her blog (nothing too personal), , although she does eat chocolate and drink tea, so that's a start! What kind of little gifties have you received that you've enjoyed?

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  • I enjoyed from my little extras from a wonderful package...
    - chocolate bar
    - fuzzy sheep Pez dispenser
    - little note pads
    - and cool needle tip protectors

    By Blogger Ewe-niss, at 3:13 PM  

  • The sheep Pez dispensers are often available at World Market. Um, a yellow Chibi if she doesn't have one. A tape measure related to a hobby or interest (Woolgirl usually has a good selection). You sew, don't you? Maybe a small personalized bag for carrying notions in a sock bag? Or a sock bag?

    By Blogger Chris, at 6:31 PM  

  • Someone sent me some yarn with a big, happy-smelling teabag sachet thingy. I don't know where she got it but it made the yarn smell all yummy!

    Yarn Pirate sent something similar in her yarn club package. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who reads this and doesn't know yet. email me!

    Ruth AT 5elementknitr DOT com

    By Blogger 5elementknitr, at 6:44 PM  

  • I just got one of those pendant cutters and I love it. Tape measures are good, I'm always loosing mine. Oh and one of those sock blocker key chain kits, it's so cute!

    By Blogger Meghann, at 8:15 PM  

  • My friend downsized a Clapotis by using a scale - here's her post about it:

    Hope that helps!

    By Blogger K8, at 8:45 PM  

  • Knitting tools like a Chibi or a tape measure or a needle sizer. I usually need several since I stash one in each knitting bag. Those sheep needle sizers are cute. A little notebook or journal comes in handy. Maybe some mug rugs. You could sew some or felt some or buy some.

    By Anonymous sydney, at 2:06 AM  

  • idea was a pretty little notebook but others already mentioned that. If it seems like she does any designing, a Moleskin notebook with graph paper is handy.

    A tape measure is also a good suggestion. Those square ones with the pretty designs and the little tab ends that work with the design on the measure (like a doggie on the measure and a bone at the end of the tape).

    If she knits socks, maybe one of those holders for a sock-in-progress.

    A pretty new pen. (Borders, for example, has slim ball points all dressed up with beaded dangles.)

    An Etsy gift certificate? (I don't even know if they have 'em...)

    Some nice hand lotion?

    Some pretty buttons?

    By Anonymous Sarah R, at 9:54 AM  

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