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Friday, February 16, 2007

Bag O' Snails

Earlier this week, the Mafia mentioned that she wished she had a project bag for her current WIP. Since she has been mad busy recently, yet still finds the time to listen to me whine -- with sympathy when appropriate and a swift kick in the pants when needed -- I though she could use a wee giftie.

I present ... Bag O' Snails.

Stash-diving at its best! The ribbon came off the wrapping of a present from Susan. The snail fabric was left-over from making boxer shorts for Thom. The brown and beige swirly print was left-over from making couch pillows this summer.

Fun, and quick -- less than 20 minutes! I didn't measure or iron a thing, and didn't obsess about details. And, I think it came out pretty damn cute!

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