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Friday, December 08, 2006

overheard from Boss Lady

We've had a dusting of snow a few times already this winter. Including some paper snowflakes on my office window. (What, me, procrastinate?)

When Boss Lady passed through the hallway yesterday afternoon, the following conversation ensued.

Boss Lady: Oh, those snowflakes are lovely! Did you make them yourself?

Me: Um, yes ... (waiting to be chastised about cutting snowflakes on company time...)

Boss Lady: They are beautiful! Did you take a class to learn how to make them?

Me: Yes ... it was called kindergarten. (now waiting to be chastised for excessive snarkiness)

Boss Lady: Can you do anything else, like horses?

Me: [Inner voice: Horses??? WTF?] No, just snowflakes.

Boss Lady: Oh, I see ... [wanders away...]

This is why Boss Lady is getting a pair of bed socks for Christmas. Well, and because she encourages me to attend knit-blog events on company time.


  • hahaha kindergarten

    By Blogger maryse, at 8:37 PM  

  • Snow horses?! Wha... ?

    By Blogger Chris, at 11:05 PM  

  • ??? i just don't get boss lady :)

    By Blogger gleek, at 9:45 AM  

  • I *heart* Boss Lady. She wasn't entirely in left field asking if you made paper horses. My parents went to China back in the 80s, right after it re-opened to Westerners, and brought back some of the most exquisite paper horses ... they're so finely rendered it seems impossible anyone cut them by hand.

    By Blogger Ruth, at 4:23 PM  

  • Horses? That's very odd. Maybe an orgami horse.

    Funny. Well glad she's a nice boss lady.

    By Anonymous Rebekah, at 12:18 PM  

  • HORSES?!??

    By Blogger Jena the yarn harpy, at 12:42 PM  

  • Horse? LMAO!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:15 PM  

  • that is so funny!

    By Blogger PatchesMom1973, at 9:24 AM  

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