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Monday, November 14, 2005

True Love

You know your husband really loves you when he does something dumb (and potentially embarassing) and he says "wait, don't you want to take a photo of this for your blog"?

Case in point, microwaving damp clothing in order to dry it out. My husband swears that he did this all the time when he was a bachelor. I have always thought it was a dumb idea, and NOT what a microwave was designed for.

So, when Thom had no dry pants to wear out on Saturday night, I jokingly suggested that he microwave a pair. Happy to oblige, and to use the microwave for an "unapproved" purpose, he threw a pair of khakis in our little white microwave. Well, here is the result ...

In case you are curious, it smelled a bit like burnt caramel.

In other news, I will be going to a guest lecture by Blue Blog Alison this afternoon. My friend Katie teaches a class on blogging here at MIT and she is hosting Alison as a guest speaker. Cool!

More updates on the Red Sox socks tomorrow. Clearly, the Red Sox will also be hearing Alison speak this afternoon...

Edited to add: You know you have a great job when your boss sends you the following email: "By the way there is a blogging talk at 3.00 pm today in N42 (see events calendar) and it is about knitting! just in case you might want to drop by..."


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