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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Creeping forward

No photos today, as I only knit about another inch on the socks. Instead of camping out on the couch last night, I was busy!

I left work a bit late, and then did some grocery shopping at the Trader Joe's near work. A whole lotta chocolate products jumped into my cart, so I decided to make brownies when I got home.

First, though, I had to load up the dishwasher and then handwash a sink full of glasses. Once clean, the brownie baking began.

These are no ordinary brownies, but triple chocolate brownies! They begin with a base of melted dark chocolate and butter, which then gets folded into an egg/sugar mixture, and mixed with cocoa powder and flour. To finish, the batter gets a mix of chocolate chunks and white chocolate chunks. Yum!

Luckily, I was able to bring the brownies to work and get other people to eat most of them! There are only a few left now, so I might escape without too much damage to my waistline.

Oh yeah, I also did several loads of laundry, and folded a couple more that I had washed over the weekend.

Then, I knit. But not for long, as it was late ... hopefully, more interesting news tomorrow!


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