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Thursday, October 20, 2005

More sock action, part I

I restarted the Cascade Fixation Broadripples last night. Months ago, I had taken them off the needles to rip back to a mistake, so one was longer than the other. I knit on one until it was the same length as the first one. Then I got both back on the needles and knit about another 6 or 8 rounds last night. What progress, huh??

I like how the subtle variegations of the yarn show the pattern, but are not quite as technicolor as some other colorways of the Fixation.

I am at about 4 or 4.5 inches and the pattern suggests knitting 7 inches and then turning the heel. It's a race against time to finish these in October, as part of Socktoberfest!!!

(Stay tuned for "More Sock Action part II" and "Does a Baby Bootie Count as a Sock?")


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