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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Random Wednesday, Part I

Okay, if Mama Cate can make a Random Wednesday post on a Tuesday, I can make one on a Thursday, right?

Be forewarned, this is the first of a few photo heavy, rambling posts, since I haven't had time to say anything in a week...


We survived the road trip to DC for Thom's cousin's wedding. The car only has a few new bumps and bruises. It did put up a bit of protest when my mother in law decided to go from zero to 60 in a short span of time while crossing a bridge (the Tappan Zee, perhaps?). Yes, rubber was burned, and tires squealed. Go speed racer, go! We switched drivers shortly after that.

While in DC, we stayed at the fairly ghetto Channel Inn. The hotel was okay, but the service was so bad that I had to complain to the management. At least we ended up getting a 35% discount on the room rate.

The wedding itself was nice, although there were torrential downpours on Saturday. We were late to the wedding, through no fault of my own!! The reception was at the Fort Leslie McNair military base in DC, complete with vehicle inspections by armed guards at the entrance. No photos ... the nice men with guns didn't seem like they wanted their picture taken.

However, we did get a few photos of our nieces. This is Jane with her dad (my brother in law Girard) just before dinner.
She perked up after dinner, and danced until 10:30 with her little sister Gracie.

Gracie danced with everyone! This is Gracie with Thom's cousin Mary (obviously, the bride).
As you can see, Gracie's white tights and patent leather Mary Janes didn't last long...


Sunday was our first anniversary. I spent 8 hours in a car with my in-laws. It's a good thing Thom took me out for dinner on Friday night!

Getting to dinner was not easy, though. It took quite a long time to get a cab. We called the hotel front desk 90 minutes before we wanted to leave the hotel, and asked them to get us a cab for 7:30, to get to our 8:00 reservation with time to spare. Reminder: we were in the middle of a near-monsoon. Everyone wanted a cab.

I will spare you all the details of what took place when there was no cab waiting for us at 7:30. Let's just say that it involved me whipping out the "taxi cab" section of the yellow pages and shoving it across the desk to 2 lazy hotel clerks. We did eventually make it to dinner in time, and had a lovely meal. We ate at Bistro Bis, near Union Station. I had a nice Riesling, some crab cakes, halibut, and "macaroni gruyere gratin" -- fancy french mac and cheese -- followed by a ymmy chocolate cake for dessert.

The next morning, we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It's a nice museum, and there were lots of adorable kids running around between the airplaces and rocket ships!

Stealing a page from the FemiKnit Mafia, let me leave you with a photo of Thom and me on our wedding day.


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