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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Road trip

I'm driving to Washington DC this weekend, with my husband and my in-laws, to attend a family wedding. We are driving to Thom's parents' house in West Springfield tonight, when I am done coaching. Then, we will leave for DC on Friday morning.

According to Mapquest, it should take us less than 7 hours to get to DC. I'm betting that with lunch, rest stops, traffic, etc., it will take us close to 10 hours. We're planning to leave at 8:00am, and I am hoping to be at our hotel by 6:00pm, as we have dinner reservations to celebrate our first anniversary. We are eating at Bistro Bis at 8:00pm -- our "real" anniversary date is on Sunday, but since we will be in the car all day Sunday, and at a wedding on Saturday night, it made more sense to celebrate on Friday night.

Then, we are driving home on Sunday. Yep, close to 1000 miles in one weekend, and close to 20 hours of long-haul driving. Thom and I agreed to share the driving so I can do some knitting and he can do some studying for school. His dad might also drive for some of the trip. His mom is also a knitter, so I know I won't be the only one hauling WIPs. But, what knitting should I pack?!?!?

After some reflection, here's what is coming with me:

  • Lopi Lite for some squares for the John Glick blanket project. I've got 2 done, and am hoping to finish a third at lunchtime knitting group today. I might have enough yarn for a 4th.
  • Silja yarn for a secret Christmas gift project (yes, it will become socks, but on the off chance that the intended giftees read this blog, no pix until after Christmas!!)
  • Cascade 220 for gloves for my f-i-l's Christmas gift, a pair of mittens to match his 2004 Christmas gift of a hat
  • Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush yarn in a deep purple, to make this scarf for myself.
  • some leftover Plymouth Encore and Wool Ease for charity hats for this winter.

I also have my binder of needles, since the blanket squares are the only project I've started so far. I also grabbed my DPN's for the Silja socks, which I did swatch for already. The mittens and scarf will go on circs, though, magic looping the mittens.

I need to update my sidebar, since I am done all my WIPs, except for the Broadripple socks. I even thought about bringing those with me on this trip, but thought that I had better get started with the Christmas knitting instead. So far, I am commited to 2 pair of socks and a pair of mittens. Also, some stitch markers as a gift. That list might grow, though!

I'll update my WIP list on Monday, once I know which W's are actually IP!


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