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Monday, September 19, 2005

Very impressed with myself...

I had a highly productive weekend! Well, I take that back. I still have a big mountain of clean laundry to fold. But, in the things that "count", I got a lot done!

Friday night, I had an event at work to attend, so I got home late. When I got home, I had to program all my phone numbers into my new cell phone (nothing fancy, just came along with my change in service providers). For those who know her, you will not be surprised to know that Genia was assigned the "Can Can" ring tone!

Saturday, we went grocery shopping, which we hadn't done in 12 days. You know, 2 people can eat a lot of food in 12 days!! I got all the ingredients for Thom's birthday dinner, too. I served duck with a cherry sauce, accompanied by squash soup and roasted root vegetables.

The soup came out great, courtesy of the recipe that Chris posted last week. Modifications: left out the whipping cream, mostly because I forgot it! Subbed dried tyme for fresh, and dried parsley for fresh sage. I could have sworn I had sage in the spice collection. Perhaps it's time for a trip to the new Penzeys spices in Arlington!

The duck was pretty good too, I was told. I don't really care for duck, so I only had a small piece. Thom said he really enjoyed it, and ate my leftovers, so I guess it was good.

The soup:

And the rest of the meal:

Knitting? Did you say that you came to see some knitting? I did a little of that too! I assembled the squares for the baby blanket for Tracie and Chris' baby. This is how it looks right now (excuse the funny shape. I think I was at a strange angle while taking the photo. It really is a rectangle, not some weird trapezoid!)

I was very pleased with the seams too. They seem nice and sturdy, and look good on both front and back sides. They also are flexible, which was important to me, since the blanket has a really nice drape to it.

I even got around to swatching some possible edgings. I think I am going to make the edgings in green, with a yellow square at each of the corners of the border. Here is what I tried:

The top one comes from Knitting on the Edge. I really like the look, but I am afraid that the delicate lacy part near the top will get snagged easily. I was able to pull a loop out without much effort.

The second and third ones both come from 200 Knitted Blocks, where I also got the ideas for the lace blocks. I like the middle one better, as I like the points of the lace, rather than the straight edges of the third one.

I'm having a hard time, though, since I really don't like garter stitch! Yet, all these are based on garter stitch, mainly to keep the edging from rolling. I want the blanket to be low maintenance, and not require blocking to look good, as it is going to a non-knitting soon to be new mom! What do you think -- which is your favorite? Vote below, and/or leave me a comment with your suggestions!

All in all, a very productive weekend!


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