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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

From "Blob" to sweater ... almost

The Big Pink Blob of the last post is now looking more like a sweater. I finished the front and back, and seamed the shoulders (all 14 stitches on each side! -- gotta love knitting for seven year olds!)

The photo is a little funny looking, like the sweater is leaning to one side. It's not, but I had to stand on my tiptoes to get the whole thing in, so there are some weird angles going on. The Chibi is for size reference.

You can see the 2 lace scallops that I blocked out several days ago. The whole thing needs some good blocking when done, since there are some funky stitches due to some tension issues right above the lace ribbing. For some reason, they don't show up in the photos, though :)

My goal is to cast on for the sleeves and do the lace part tonight. Then, I can take it to Stitch n Bitch at lunch tomorrow. I'm not sure I can do the lace part and have a conversation at the same time! I'm hoping to have the whole sweater finished this weekend, so Jane can have it when school starts.


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