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Friday, September 02, 2005

Big Pink Blob finished!

So, I finished the pink sweater tshirt ... last Sunday! I've just been very busy since then, so I haven't had a chance to post.

Here is a REALLY BAD photo of the completed sweater, posing against a red velvet chair (velvet=velcro for knits! It just stuck like magic...)

Before I forget, here are the project specs:
Big Pink Blob sweater (aka Jane's tshirt)
Pattern: My own, using the Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns as a guide and the Arbor Lace pattern from Knitting on the Edge on the sleeves and hem.
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic in bright pink (I think it might be color # 3450 or 3459 ... I'll check the ball band later)
Gauge: 5 sts/in
Needles: Addi Turbos -- size 7 for body, size 6 for picot edging, and size 9 for cast ons

Here is Jane modeling the shirt (and the pants it was knit to match...)
Notice that the neckline on this one flares out a lot. This was the first of about 4 attempts to get a neckline I liked. I ended up with a picot edge, but going down a needle size. I picked up stitches, knit to the turning row of [k2tog, yo], and then knit one less row than on the side that faces out. I did not bind off, but instead sewed the live stitch to the inside of the sweater, covering up the area where stitches were picked up. I used exactly the same technique that Kathy documented so nicely on her Picovoli page. Of course, since she only put this up there yesterday, I did not have the advantage of seeing this as I was working :)

The end result is a nice finished looking neckline, both inside and out...

Here's a closeup of the lace pattern I chose (pardon the funny color ... my camera was being momentarily stupid...)

Overall, I liked this shirt, and I think Jane did too. She was happy to model it for me, so I hope she wears it :) I had fun designing this one, and it was a nice quick knit. In rerospect, I would have made the sleeves a bit shorter. I knit straight for about an inch before starting the armhole, but would have been better off with about 1/2 an inch, or even less for a true "cap sleeve" look. It's sometimes hard to make decisions like this without the intended wearer at hand (Jane lives about 2 hours away.) But, it's still cute, and I think Jane likes it, so that's what counts.

I've been busy since I finished this, but I will save that for another post!


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