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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

next project ...

After I finished the pink sweater, I started Tracie and Chris' baby's baby blanket. I decided to knit 12 8x8 inch squares, 4 each of butter, apricot, and green apple, and then pick an edging and edging color when the squares were all assembled.

In the past week, I did nine of the squares. The first 4 are in butter with a simple eyelet pattern. (Sorry for the bad photo -- I took it as I was dashing off to work this morning, and didn't realize how badly the red fleece background confused my camera's colors!)

The next 4 are in apricot with a diamond eyelet pattern.

The ninth is in apple green, in a chevron eyelet pattern, but I don't have a photo of that one yet.

So, anyone have any lace edging suggestions? There are a few I like in the afghan book these patterns came from, and a few more in the Knitting on the Edge book, and maybe one or two in Barbara Walker's 2nd treasury. I'm thinking of doing the edging in yellow, but I'm not sure yet. I used a little over half of a ball for each square, so I will easily have 2 full balls left in each color, if not more. I'm going to put the whole thing together and then decide...


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