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Friday, October 14, 2005

new WIP's

I finally updated my sidebar to reflect my WIP list. I also updated my "in the queue" list.

At the moment, I only have 3 things going...

I started a pair of Broadripples a long time ago. Maybe last spring? I made a mistake, so I put them down. I think I fixed the mistake, but then I never picked them up again. I even put them on stitch holders so I could use the needle for something else. I was working the 2 socks together, and this is how far I got ...
I haven't moved them to the UFO category yet, since I really want to wear these socks and am on a bit of a sock kick at the moment. I hope to finish them up soon, before Thanksgiving if I get motivated!!!!

I am making my parents matching socks for Christmas. They are both big Red Sox fans, so I am making them red and white socks that look like the ones in the Sox logo. I started them at the hotel in DC last weekend. I've got one finished.
Look at the lovely tubular cast on ...
And damned fine grafted toe ...
I'm not too worried about "second sock syndrome" since #2 is on the needles and a couple inches are already complete. I'm more worried about "third and fourth sock syndrome". I might have to take a break between pair #1 and #2.

I also started a lurvely alpaca scarf while travelling. It is from yarn and a free pattern that I got at WEBS last fall. I thought it was about time it became a scarf. Ummm, pardon the flash.
And, pardon the lack of flash. The true color is somewhere between these 2 shots.
But, isn't that the cutest baby alpaca on the ball band? He's got a ball of yarn hanging from his teeth. Aww, I bought it just for that picture :) And because it is quite possibly the softest yarn I've ever pet. I just keep rubbing the scarf-in-progress against my neck. I've got about 23" done, and have not yet finished the first ball. I think 2 will make a scarf somewhere over 4 feet long, which should be fine. I bought 3 balls though. Any ideas of what to do with an extra 100 yards of baby alpaca brush, 3.5 sts = 1"?

So, not yet a WIP, but I will have to start soon on a pair of booties for another cousin having a baby. I think I will use the sample of Knitpicks sock yarn I wrote about in this post. As soon as I free up the needles that are currently in the Red Sox sock...


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