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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Random Wednesday, Part II

Have you seen this meme? Go to Google and search on "Yourname needs" and list 10 hits.

Here's what "Danielle needs."

  • Danielle needs to involve Cienna in the process of getting ready for bed by letting her do simple tasks, such as squeezing the toothpaste onto the brush.

  • It's a shame that Danielle needs four wheel drive.

  • Danielle needs new sequencing with her putting.

  • Danielle needs to be attuned to how she is feeling to determine how far she can push herself.

  • Danielle needs more.

  • Danielle needs to retire.

  • Danielle needs to raise £1000 to cover flights, food and Team UK uniform. She has been raising money for this by making and selling cakes and ice pops.

  • Danielle needs more self-respect when it comes to the boys she chooses.

  • Danielle needs a change of pace or a vacation.

  • And, my personal favorite ...

  • Danielle needs a translator to interview the hot new Spanish sensation Robert Hernandez, all the way from Madrid.


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