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Monday, October 17, 2005

FO #1

I have a whack of new FO's to show you. But, in the interest of keeping this blog interesting (ahem, for the 8 of you who read it ...), I will be spacing them out.

Today, I present FO #1, alternatively titled "Gender Neutral Baby Blanket".


This is the completed baby blanket, as seen from on tiptoes, which explains the funny angle. Lots of my rectangles get lopsided when I try to stand above and photograph them.

Project specs:
Yarn: Knitpicks' Shine, in butter, apricot, and green apple.
Needles: Size 6 Addi Turbos
Pattern: Squares and border from 200 Knitted Blocks, adapted to fit my preferences.
Finished size: About 28x36

The blanket is for Tracie and Chris's baby, who is expected on November 27. The baby shower was yesterday, and Tracie seemed to like the blanket. She got 4 other handmade blankets, including one crocheted and 3 quilted, so this kid is going to be set!

Here's how I packaged the blanket.
I raided my mom's paper stash and found some nice papers to match the colors of the blanket. The wrapper says "Made with love for Baby Krueger by Danielle (Care instructions: machine wash and dry)".

They don't know the baby's gender, hence the color selections. I used close to 3 skeins of each color for the blocks, and another skein and a half or so for the border. I guess that was about 10 skeins of the 15 I bought. I have plenty left for a matching sweater, hat, and booties set. Probably for another baby though -- I'll likely make a sweater for this kid, but in in a more gender specific style, once he/she arrives.

Tomorrow (or later this week, depending on how busy I am): more FO's, including one from a couple of months ago!


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