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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I have a small case of the knitting blahs. I don' t have a particular project that is holding my attention right now.

I'm still working on the ongoing alpaca scarf pictured here, but that's kind of a side project.

I also have a baby bootie complete but for finishing.

I started the scarf for Da, to match the lobster claw mitts, but I need to make some changes to it. The photo is terrible, but the cables are nice. I think I am going to make one less cable, and possibly work at a slightly larger gauge. I need to think on this ...

I also have a secret project going. But it's kind of boring. Which is probably why I've not mentioned it before. Look, green garter stitch! In the color of overcooked asparagus!

I need to start Dad's Red Socks socks, but haven't settled on toe up or top down construction. Leaning towards top down with an afterthought heel, but need to do some swatching.

I really want to start some socks with this yarn. I swatched last night, on size 2's and got 8 sts/in. But I think I want it tighter. Then I can use it for the Traveler's Stockings in KOTR. I went to Woolcott and they did not have the needles I wanted. So, off to find size 1 Addi Turbos, 40" cord, somewhere else.

And, I have an all-day class to attend tomorrow, so I need something portable and easy. Damn! Hopefully, these blahs are just temporary. Update to follow soon, I hope!


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