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Monday, January 02, 2006

Quick update ...

I've been busy since Christmas ...

I finished one WIP (Whitby) and nearly finished another one (Esther Williams hat, all done except for the crochet edging, which I need to figure out).

I started two more projects ... a sweater for me and one for my hairdresser's baby ... and swatched for a pair of socks.

I bought yarn for the baby sweater, and two magazines, and got two Christmas gift books in the mail.

I still have 2 WIPs to finish -- the purple lace alpaca scarf from October, and the purple baby booties which I never gave as a gift after all, but are all done except for the finishing on one bootie.

I also owe my FIL a scarf to match his hat and gloves.

Whew. This had better be a productive 2006!

More details to follow on all the above.


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