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Monday, December 19, 2005

Six more days

Christmas is in six more days. Luckily, I have only one gift left to finish knitting. The gift has yet to make an appearance on the blog. The recipient knows about the blog's existance, so I won't be posting a photo until it has been gifted.

I will tell you that this gift is a pair of socks. One sock is done, and the other is complete through the gusset, so I just have to knit the rest of the foot and the toe. I estimate that it should take about 4 more hours to knit, based on my rate of knitting so far, assuming no stupid moments or late-night frogging.

Then, I need to rig up a homemade sock blocker and block them. So, I'd like to finish the knitting on Wednesday, block on Thursday, and wrap Friday night, as we will be leaving the house to travel on Saturday morning.

But, here is the rest of what I have to do between now and Christmas ...

  • Work full time job all day Mon-Thurs, and a half day on Friday.

  • Coach three practices, for a total of 8 hours.

  • Drive to and from said practices, for a total of 4.5 hours.

  • Drive to and from work, for another 5.5 hours, not counting driving in this morning.

  • Design 3 or 4 hairpieces so I can show my fellow coaches before we break for the holidays. Each one takes about an hour to design...

  • Make a list of rhinestones, sequins, glitter, and other materials needed for synchro costumes and hairpieces. Source vendors. Buy said rhinestones, sequins, glitter, and other materials so that they can get delivered between Christmas and New Year's, so I can sew one sample suit for each of 3 teams and 3 duets or trios before New Year's!

  • Buy a gift for charity, to be collected at my office's holiday party on Wednesday. Update! A helpful colleague just informed me that I can make a cash donation. That saves one trip to the holiday crazy stores!

  • Buy a gift for boss, to be given on Friday morning. (Ahem. I'm also thinking of making a Bamboozelle to package the gift. Am I nuts?)

  • Wrap gifts for 4 parents, 2 nieces, 1 boss, 1 charity.

  • Find a Salvation Army or Planet Aid drop box to get rid of the three bags of clothing that have been hanging out in my trunk since Thanksgiving.

  • Get windshield wiper fluid for my car.

  • Find out what food items to bring to 3 different family Christmas celebrations.

  • Buy/cook/bake/make said food items to bring to 3 different family Christmas celebrations.

  • Figure out what knitting to bring while travelling to and from above mentioned family Christmas celebrations.

  • Do laundry. Lots of it!

  • Pack for the whirlwind tour of 3 family Christmas celebrations.

So, why am I wasting time blogging?????


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