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Monday, December 12, 2005

Synchronized Knitting

Thanks to the goddesses of tech support at work, I now have a graphics editing program on my computer again. Now that I can post photos, I'm back!

Last weekend, I went to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center for a synchronized swimming "Coaches' College." They kept me pretty busy, so I only remembered to take one photo as I was leaving. This is the view of the mountains from the Athletes' Center.

While en route to Colorado, I started my "Esther Williams" hat for Laura's synchronized knitalong. This is how far I got while travelling.

I decided to make this hat with some stash yarn to donate to charity. I took out a few pattern repeats to make a kids' size. Unfortunately, I forgot to start the crown decreases sooner! That's ok though, as I can just omit the edging if the hat comes out too long.

I'd better get moving soon, as I'm supposed to finish this up by Friday!!


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