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Friday, November 18, 2005

Of Secrets and Socks

Remember my garter stitch secret project, in the color of overcooked asparagus?
Well, it has turned into this ...

It's a baby blanket for a knitting friend who is expecting her first baby next month. I was the ringleader, cheerleader, blocker, and seamer, and I also knit up a square and some edgings. Which explains the lack of new knitting content on this blog in the past week or so. I was busy finishing up the blanket! For more details on the blanket, check out our group blog.

I did manage to get some work done on Dad's Red Sox socks, though. I started them 9 days ago, and I'm probably close to 75% complete. This is thanks to a 2-day training course where I was able to knit through some of the lectures.

The white line running across the middle of the tube is going to be an afterthought heel, also known as a peasant heel. I've never tried this method before, so I'm, a little apprehensive about figuring out how to make the foot just the right length. Because the heel is knitted in afterwards, you can't measure the foot length as you go along. I've read on a couple of other sites that the heel will add 1.5-2 inches to the length. I guess I will just call it 1.75 inches and take the math from there! Just to play it safe, I will give them to him without weaving in the ends of the toe. That way, if I need to make them longer or shorter, I can rip out fairly easily.


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