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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Giving Thanks

In a year when so many have suffered from natural disasters, wars, and disease, I feel extraordinarily lucky. I have food, clothes, a warm place to live, a wonderful husband, and family and friends who love me. We are financially secure enough that my husband is able to be a full time graduate student until he gets his degree this spring. We even have enough left over to support my burgeoning knitting habit, and even to go out to eat and see a movie once in a while. I want for nothing.

I am also thankful for the knitting community I have discovered, both online and in real life, especially those at my MIT SnB.

With that in mind, I've signed up for the Knit Unto Others knitalong. And, since I coach a rather large synchronized swimming team, I had no choice to also sign up for Poor Miss Finch's Esther Williams Synchronized Knitalong!! I'm not sure if an Esther Williams hat suits my personal style, but what a cool pattern! So, I may kill two birds with one stone and knit an Esther Williams hat for charity. I'm also going to try to knit a baby hat or two to send to Risa for the NICU where her adorable twins were born.

Happy holidays to all!


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