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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Three more days, damn it...

Accomplished yesterday:
- Found ribbon (in stash) for boss' gift bag
- Bought gift for seven year old niece -- a long-sleeved white tshirt, a long-sleeved pink tshirt, and a set of fabric paints to decorate the tshirts.
- Bought gift for boss (it involves Valrhona, Scharfenberger, and Republic of Tea ... yum!)
- went to Macy's to buy Clinique products, but they were sold out of gift sets. Pooh.
- figured out novice clinic info.
- finished suit design layouts, at least in theory. Still need to check some of them using actual rhinestones.

Things I did not accomplish ...
- finish hairpiece mockups. I'm happy enough with the paper templates, so I will work on these over the holiday break.
- dub novice synchro video from DVD to VHS. They'll just have to wait until January to see it :)
- finish knitting sock!!!

About the sock ... I finished the whole foot, and started the toe. I just couldn't get it to work quite right. Then, I realized that I was 2 stitches short on the sole. Damn!!!! I worked one gusset decrease round too many. So, I have to rip back to the gusset and reknit the foot. I am going to look one more time before ripping, just to make sure that I properly identified the problem, but I'm 99% sure that this is where I lost the 2 stitches. I know that people will tell me to just leave it alone, that nobody would notice that one sole has 32 stitches while one only has 30. The problem is that I would know it's wrong. The first sock is so beautiful, I want to make sure that the second one is just as good.

So, I have to rip out 3 whole pattern repeats. That will take me about 3 hours to reknit, plus another hour for the toe, I think. If I work REALLY hard tomorrow afternoon, I should be able to reknit it and block it on Friday night, and wrap it Saturday morning.

While the sock was in time-out, I got a jump on tomorrow's to-do list, and started knitting a gift bag for my boss' gift. Here is its current status...

I'm using a skein of recycled sari silk yarn that I got at the MA Sheep and Wool festival last spring. I recycled a ribbon from a gift I received a couple of days ago. The bag is about 4" deep right now, and I need to make it 7" before I close the bottom. I think I am going to work on this at lunch today...

Oh yeah, I also remembered that we were going to give our parents copies of our wedding photo albums for Christmas. We finished the one for my parents a while ago. The one for Thom's parents required extra pages, so I got those last night. I was planning to do this on Friday afternoon. Until the sock fiasco...

So, here's what's on today's list ...
- work full time job, drive to coaching job, coach until 8:30pm
- review hairpiece mockups with head coach.
- Buy gift for seven year old niece??
- block sock #2
- write letter of recommendation (for swimmer applying to private high school) at lunch I'll do this over break too....
- finish knitting boss' gift bag. Wrap gift in bag.
- wrap 4 parent gifts, 2 niece's gifts. Yes, there will be some handmade sock sleeves, not unlike the blanket sleeve I made for a baby blanket gift.

- work full time job, but only a half day! Yee haw.
- reknit the damn sock...
- buy white wine for xmas
- order rhinestones, sequins, glitter
- shop for any food for holiday. Thom did this one already.
- do laundry
- pack for trip to in-laws' house, including appropriate yarn selections
- finish parent photo album #2
- wrap photo album
- get car washed (perhaps Thom can do this one too...)

- wrap one last gift (the damn socks!)
- shop for fruit for breakfast on Xmas morning


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