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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Four more days!

Accomplished yesterday:
- Finished up through 7 pattern repeats on the gift sock, 1/2 more repeat than planned! (Note to self: Next time you make gift socks, how about plain stockinette legs and feet, ok???)
- pulled together canned goods for charity collection at office xmas party #2
- designed 3 headpieces with coach. Decided the rest can wait until after Christmas.

Accomplished today:
- Found ribbon (in stash) for possible boss' gift bag
- Found new gift idea for seven-year old niece, who now cannot come to First Night. We're going to buy her a plain colored tshirt, a bottle of Gem-Tac, and put together a kit of rhinestones to decorate the tshirt.

Things to do today:
- work full time job
- finish hairpiece mockups. This is a 4-step process -- design concept, create white paper mockup, create colored paper mockup, create craft foam mockup. It sounds excessive, but it's the only way I've found to get the size and shape just right without wasting a lot of craft foam in the process!
- finish suit design layouts -- i.e. decide which sequins, rhinestones, etc. in what designs, for each suit
- finish knitting sock!!!
- buy gift for boss
- find new gift idea for seven-year old niece, who now cannot come to First Night.
- get ribbon for possible boss' gift bag
- dub novice synchro video from DVD to VHS
- figure out novice clinic info
- go to Macy's to buy Clinique products in holiday gift set (they're cheaper that way!)

- work full time job, drive to coaching job, coach until 8:30pm
- review hairpiece mockups with head coach. Hopefully home by 10:00pm.
- Buy gift for seven year old niece??
- block sock #2
- write letter of recommendation (for swimmer applying to private high school) at lunch
- if not yet insane, consider knitting a small bag for boss' gift. (perhaps using one of these skeins?
- wrap boss' gift, perhaps in hand knit bag...

- work full time job, but only a half day! Yee haw.
- buy white wine for xmas
- wrap 4 parent gifts, 2 niece's gifts. Yes, there will be some handmade sock sleeves, not unlike the blanket sleeve I made for a baby blanket gift.
- order rhinestones, sequins, glitter
- shop for any food for holiday
- do laundry
- pack for trip to in-laws' house
- get car washed (perhaps Thom can do this one...)



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