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Friday, July 07, 2006

thanks, and some inspirations

Thank you all for your kind words about my skirt! All day long, the Mafia was telling anyone who would listen that I made it all by myself!

Later today, one of my seventeen year old swimmers told me she really liked the skirt and thought it was cute. She looked really impressed when I said "thanks, I made it when I got home from practice last night!" Although, first she thought I was joking. I guess that's the best compliment :)


When not sewing, I have been circling the crafty blogs. Some things that have inspired me recently ...

Patchwork journals

Applique initial t-shirts

Girlie gifts

Baby gifts

Bags galore

Freezer paper stencils

More freezer paper stencils

Restful blue rooms

Homemade "California Mix" (June 29 entry)

Pinwheel quilt tutorial (see the sidebar)

Cute kiddie PJs and clothes

A skirt with buttons

And a button belt too

Beautiful craft rooms

Baby quilts from baby's old clothes


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