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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The creation of a skirt: Day 1

Schedule, Day 1

  • pre-shrink fabric (hot water wash/high heat cycle in the dryer)
    (technically, I did this before Day 1, as I did it at the same time as our regular laundry was going...)
  • iron fabric
  • read pattern directions
  • iron pattern pieces
  • locate scissors
  • find episode of Law and Order on tv (my mindless "watch while crafting" show of choice)
    (Side note: why doesn't Comcast have L&O on its DirecTV offerings??)
  • cut out pattern pieces
  • find pins and cloth shears
  • pin pattern pieces to fabric
  • cut out fabric pieces
  • pile everything up where husband is not likely to step on it
  • go to bed


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