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Friday, August 15, 2008

all done!

Last Friday, August 8, I finished grad school!

An auspicious day -- 8-8-08.

I am thrilled to be done. I'm a wee bit of a perfectionist (stop laughing, all of you!) so it was tough for me to balance grad school with a full time job and a part time coaching job and do a good job in all of them. I'm still waiting for my final grade, and then I'll get a diploma in September.

Our synchro season is also done for the year. Well, the kids have most of July and August off, although I'm busy planning for next year.

Last year, because of my school schedule, I didn't coach every practice. I assisted with our oldest teams, mostly high school girls.

This year, because I'll be able to coach more, I'll take on full responsibility for our 11-12 and 13-15 year old teams. It's been a few years since I worked with this age group. These swimmers will need to build strong basic skills, which is why I'm taking them on. Plus, there are some real personalities in the group, from what I hear, and they need some strong guidance :)

Here are a few photos of our older swimmers from competitions this past year. Remember that they never touch the bottom of the pool -- they're treading water, or doing the equivalent with their hands/arms when they are upside down.

Our "B" team does a lift.

They look something like this when they set up underwater, although our "flyer" starts with her head near the surface, not her feet. (This photo is of Team USA.)

Same team, heads up. They are swimming to music from the movie "Prince of Egypt."One of our duets ... remember, this is without touching the bottom!
Same girls, end of the routine.
One of our soloists:
And another younger one ... nice flexibility :)
We train for flexibility ... and I do some of the exercises with the girls. Some of you know that I can still do a flat split. And have been known to demonstrate at fiber festivals, but only when plied with adult beverages...

I wish I could show you some photos of their beautiful custom-made swimsuits, but I try not to post closeups where you can see their faces ...

If anyone wants to watch the synchro competition in the Olympics, team finals will be televised on Saturday, August 23. Duet competition and team prelims are shown Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday on a minor network -- Oxygen, I think, how appropriate for swimmers who hold their breath! :)

I have a few more things "all done" to show you, but I think this post is long enough. Maybe this weekend :)

Speaking of which, I hope to see my local peeps at tomorrow's Fiber Revival!

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  • It's funny you did a synchro post today. I just queued up a bunch of Olympic synchro earlier today. I won't see you guys tomorrow sadly. It was allergy shot for me this week and allergies have been awful anyway due to all this rain. Sitting outdoors would be a very bad idea for me atm so I'll have to hide indoors at home and knit or spin along in spirit if not in body.

    By Blogger Julie, at 2:27 PM  

  • Huge congrats on finishing school! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

    By Blogger Pumpkinmama, at 2:54 PM  

  • Congratulations on finishing grad school!!

    By Blogger no-blog-rachel, at 2:59 PM  

  • Congrats on grad school! No fiber Revival for me tomorrow, I'm meeting some Ravelers for a bike ride to Wild & Wooly.

    By Blogger Kat, at 3:00 PM  

  • your girls are amazing! i love syncro swimming :)

    congrats on graduation! that must feel pretty great.

    By Blogger gleek, at 3:57 PM  

  • Awesome!

    Both on the grad school thing and all the synchro stuff. Thanks for those pics!

    By Blogger Sara, at 4:01 PM  

  • Yay, congrats!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:27 PM  

  • Congratulations!! That's great!

    By Anonymous Kathy, at 6:03 PM  

  • Hey, congratulations on finishing grad school, and all the unnecessary hoops appended thereto!

    See you at Revival!

    By Blogger Lynn, at 7:11 PM  

  • Wow, finished with grad school--congrats!!

    They don't touch the bottom of the pool? That sounds HARD.

    By Blogger Stephanie, at 7:18 PM  

  • Hooray for finishing grad school! I also cannot understand how anyone can pose that way, upside down, in the water without touching the bottom! That's incredible!

    By Blogger Bertha, at 10:00 PM  

  • Congratulations! See you tomorrow!

    By Blogger Kat with a K, at 12:46 AM  

  • Congrats!!! So sorry I missed out on the Fiber Revival today. It's been a hell of a week here and we went to Portsmouth this morning for some much needed fun out of the house. Hope to see pictures!!:)

    By Blogger Meghann, at 8:25 PM  

  • Dude! Congratulations!

    By Blogger maritza, at 12:32 AM  

  • Congrats!!

    Just the sight of those splits make me ache...

    By Blogger Chris, at 1:08 PM  

  • Congrats on being done w/ grad school!!

    By Blogger Local Egg, at 1:10 PM  

    And how did I -not- realize that the swimmers don't touch the bottom of the pool??? All this time, and I thought they pushed off the bottom. Wow. Now I'm even more impressed.

    By Blogger FemiKnitMafia, at 8:01 PM  

  • Congratulations on all of it! Impressive!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:47 AM  

  • Congratulations! That is so awesome that you're done with grad school! :D

    By Blogger TheWantonSeedStitch, at 12:37 PM  

  • congratulations on finishing GRAD SCHOOL! That is wonderful!!

    By Blogger PatchesMom1973, at 3:12 PM  

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