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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

from start to finish

Tonight, I go back to school. I've enjoyed a lovely two-week vacation, but now the summer session is upon us. I have one course to take for 6 weeks, and then an independent study for the next 6 weeks, and then I'm done!

Over my break I was busy with fibery stuff. I went to NHS&W, but was struck with a terrible case of camnesia, so no photos to share.

I finished up some secret knitting, which was my last remaining WIP! (We'll not speak of the UFOs, though.)

So, with a clean slate, I got busy with some other things...

Last week, I showed you this fiber (BFL top from FatCatKnits that I got in a destash from MudCreek Kari) and the yarn that it turned into.
Fat Cat Knits (by aswim in knits)BFL handspun (by aswim in knits)

This week, I took the yarn out for a night on the town (pictured below getting up close and personal with some handspun from Ms. Obsession du Jour).
it's a handspun party (by aswim in knits)

And, because JulieFrick has amazing powers of persuasion, I cast on for a cowl. Mmm, stripey.
handspun cowl (by aswim in knits)

More WIPs to follow at a later date.

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