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Sunday, December 16, 2007

christmas knitting

I'm in! I don't have a partner yet, but I will be participating in the 1, 2, 3, 4 Knitting War that I posted about yesterday! I'll be paired up against someone and we will race to finish our holiday knitting. Some anonymous donors are going to contribute $5 to charity for every item that the winner finishes.

So, for those following along at home, here is what I plan to knit for the holidays. I won't tell you what I have knit yet or not. I'll save that for the next post :)

  • 1 pair of socks for Da (my FIL)
  • 1 pair of felted slippers for Mim (my MIL)
  • 1 pair of flip-top gloves for Boss Lady
  • 6 knitted ornaments -- one each for the families of our parents and siblings, as well as my grandmother
In addition to that, I will be making beaded earrings for my mom (4 pairs, I think) and some beaded stitch markers for my MIL.

I made her these ones two years ago, and she really likes them.
On Friday night, I visited Beadworks and got some beads and crystals for this year's version.

What do you think? Can I do it? Any guesses on how much I've knit already?

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  • Yikes - do you have to work??

    By Blogger Chris, at 11:08 PM  

  • Let's see; I'm pretty sure that you've finished the first two items and have probably started the third. I definitely think you'll finish :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:20 AM  

  • 9 days? Most of them. I know you can do the ornaments- I made a bunch of those in one day for an auction (once again I never knew there was a pattern, LOL)

    I think you'll finish the slippers and the gloves and be tight with the socks, good luck!!!

    By Blogger Sarah, at 8:18 AM  

  • Wow! Ambitious list with not much time left. But judging from what you wrote it sounds like you have a head start, so I totally think you can do it. :) Good luck!

    By Blogger Jessica, at 8:46 AM  

  • Oh dear.....I wish I HAD NOT clicked on that Christmas ornament link...........


    By Blogger Rebecca, at 9:36 AM  

  • My first thought was "I want to play too!"

    My second was "what am I, nuts?" (stop laughing) "I'm already..." (please) "so far behind..." (really. stop. oh, all right, but keep it quieter) "and Christmas is YIKES only a week away."

    I'll bet you have several things under your belt already.

    By Blogger Lucia, at 5:42 PM  

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