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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Red Scarf Project

I promised an update on my now very long WIP list. But, I changed my mind. Instead, I want to show you only one WIP today ... I'll get to the rest of them tomorrow.

I put the rest of my projects on hold to work on this drop stitch scarf.

I saw on Norma's blog that Interweave Knits, Lily Chin, and some other groups are organizing a scarf drive. They're collecting red scarves to be included in care packages for kids who've aged out of foster care and have made it into college. What a great cause -- these kids, who attend college in much lower numbers than the general population of the same age, can certainly benefit from some extra love and attention since they may not be getting it from their families. More info is here.

I'm using stash yarn for this scarf -- a mohair/acrylic blend from Pingouin that my MIL gave me (from her stash!!) when I learned to knit. Here's a close up of the stitch -- perfect for someone who might not live in as cold a climate as Boston!

These photos were taken when I was halfway through one skein -- a complete skein will make a scarf just the right length! I've now got about 12 grams left of a 50 gram skein, so I should finish this soon. (Blow-by-blow weight measurements made possible by my mom, who bought me a digital kitchen scale so that I can weigh my yarn!)

I still have another skein of this mohair blend in my stash, plus another near complete ball of red ack-rylic yarn from my early knitting days. And, I think I have a third near-complete ball of Plymouth Encore from making toddler mittens. I'm hoping I can hold them together and make a chunky red scarf with some fun color and texture. That should also be a quick knit -- good, since I need to mail the scarves by January 28!!

If anyone else is interested in making a red scarf, the mailing instructions, etc are all in the press release at the link above. (They will also accept scarves of other colors, but are encouraging red ones, as they will be going into Valentine's Day care packages.)


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