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Thursday, January 19, 2006

More red scarfiness

I finished the drop stitch scarf from yesterday's post. Here it is, lounging gracefully ...

And here is the requisite "lacy item shown silhouetted against window" shot.

I washed and blocked the scarf last night, and let me tell you -- this mohair blend dries quick! I laid it out a little before 10:00pm, and it was dry the time I left the house this morning!

Project spects:
Yarn: Pingouin Dulce (50% mohair, 50% acrylic), color 008
Needles: Size 9 Addi Turbo
Pattern: None -- just a dropped stitch made with 2 y.o's, with 4(ish) garter ridges in between each row of drops
Gauge: Ahem, it's a scarf!
Finished size: About 5" wide and 54" long

This was so much fun, and so quick, that I started another red scarf.

This one is made with 3 strands held together, on size 15 needles, in a garter stitch with slipped stitch selvedges. Nothing fancy.

The yarn on top is the same Pingouin as the drop stitch scarf. The middle strand is a horrible acrylic worsted weight -- Paton's Canadiana -- that I bought when I just was learning to knit. I suppose it's not *that* terrible, but I swear that it squeaks when I knit with it. I used it as embellishment on a Christmas stocking I made for my husband. The bottom strand is Plymouth Encore, 75% acrylic and 25% wool. It's the leftover yarn from making a pair of toddler mittens.

In less than 3 hours, the scarf is 53" long. I'm aiming for about 60-64", and then I'll use the rest of the yarn for fringe. Easy! And such a good cause. I should be able to finish this tonight. Then, back to my regularly scheduled WIPs.


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