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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

4 FO's and a new commitment!

I have 4 finished objects to tell you about ...

2 baby booties and 2 socks. I guess that doesn't *really* count as 4 separate FO's, huh?

The baby booties were almost done. One just needed to be sewn up.

I promise that they are the same size, they just don't look that way from the photo. Here is one on its own.

I also replaced the toes on Dad's Whitby's. Here they are blocking on my homemade ghetto sock blockers. (Chris, does that qualify me as a ghetto knitter even if the yarn is rather non-ghetto?)

The tops are turned down so they won't catch on the wires. Since I already blocked the rest of the socks, I just dunked the toes of these ones to remove the puckering, etc. from using reknit yarn. They seem to be coming out perfectly smooth. Hopefully, I'll be able to deliver them later this week.

And now for the new commitment ... I also signed up for Sockapaloooza! Conveniently for me, the matches will be announced on my birthday -- Feb 1st, for those who wish to shower me with birthday love. What's my birthday gift from the hubbo? A trip to WEBS on Feb 4th. So, I will likely spend some significant time poring over patterns on Friday night and contemplating which yarns my Socka-pal will like best. Since the socks are not due until May, I will have no problem fitting them into the WIP line-up.


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