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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

hat and mitts

Sorry for the long absence. Last week was a busy week at work, combined with a little residual illness, and a BUSY coaching week! And then I got around to posting, and Blogger wasn't letting me upload pix. What's a post without a photo??

The swimming news first ... this weekend was the East Zone Senior Championship meet. This is the highest level of competition in the sport, and a Zone level meet covers 1/4 of the country. Our older team (coached by the head coach) routinely places swimmers in finals at this meet, which means top 10 in their event. We also bring some of our middle group of swimmers too (coahced by me), so they can gain some experience. Well, this year this team surprised us by sliding into finals too! So, it was a very busy weekend. And then we have another zone meet for our younger swimmers this weekend, and our team is hosting. After that, I will have some down time.

And, in the knitting news .... there was still knitting performed. I finished the hat and mittens that I knit for charity with my kool-aid dyed yarn. I think these would fit a 2 year old. (DPN package for scale.)

Or a teddy bear ...

There was other knitting started and completed. As my resident in-house blog-tographer is out of the office at the moment, I will wait until she returns to post about that project. Sorry I had nothing more exciting to talk about today. No fabulous Latvian mittens, or charming Finnish mittens, or beautiful cabled sweaters. Hopefully, I will be more energetic tomorrow and have news of my next project.
ETA: my resident in-house blog-tographer came back to the office and photographed for me, but I haven't grabbed the pix off the camera yet. Later today, I hope ...


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