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Monday, February 27, 2006

Olympic wrapup

I am proud to announce that I finished my last Olympic knit -- the Pepto Pink Hoodie -- just under the wire! The buttons were sewn on about 45 minutes before the 2:00 p.m. deadline. There will be a photo posted at some point. Until then, use your imagination and picture this ...

... but in Pepto Pink strawberry with butterfly buttons.

The buttons were sewn on at the Team Boston closing ceremonies party hosted by the fabulous Cara. I had a great time, and got to meet lots of knit-bloggers and knit-blogless in person. I brought my camera and proceeded to leave it on the other side of the room for the entire day. I'm hoping that some less clueless person will post some pix that I can link to!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention -- I won a door prize at the party!! A skein of beautiful handspun (?) superwash merino/silk grey yarn with shiny little beads spun into the yarn. I'm thinking of a pair of fingerless mittens...

And, in non-knitting Olympic action, I watched the closing ceremonies last night. I must admit that I am a total Olympics junkie -- both summer and winter games. Here are some thoughts on the US athletes...

Apolo Anton Ohno: I love his total dedication to the Olympic ideal. Even though he can afford to live somewhere swank, he chose instead to live in the dorms at the Colorado Springs OTC. (I've stayed in them -- they are NOT so swank). He showed good sportsmanship, team spirit, and great focus throughout the games. Oh yeah, and he won a couple of medals too.
Joey Cheek: Another classy athlete, on and off the track, he donated his Olympic bonus to Right to Play, a charity founded by another great skater, Johann Olav Koss. His generous action will give Right to Play a whole lot of attention and hopefully other donations too. Umm, and Cheek took home some hardware too.
Emily Hughes: She stepped into the Olympics at the last minute, yet performed well under pressure. She looked like she had a great time, and I hope to see her again in Vancouver.

Julia Mancuso: Grow up, honey. Lose the tiger ears, and the tiara, and the beads. Represent your country like an adult, not a drunken sorority sister.
Bode Miller: See above, but replace "sorority sister" with "frat boy". How am I supposed to teach my teenaged athletes how to behave when Bode talks about skiing after drinking or smoking up? Ugh.

Well, time for me to log off and get back to work. More updating tomorrow.


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