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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Weekend Update, part I

Wow! I've been productive since my last "real" post -- I have lots of little things to show!

On Saturday morning we drove out to my in-laws, who live in the Land of Webs, to celebrate my birthday. Even before we got to Webs, my M-I-L gave me a swift as a birthday present. This will allow me to wind yarn without the use of a husband!! Yay!

In exchange, we gave her a birthday present too ... a little over-due, as her birthday was in December. Oops! Thom and I made her a notebook with blank pages, aptly named the "cute little pocket journal". It's probably about 3" x 5". We got the kit at our local Paper Source store and assembled it with tools at my mom's house.

Then, we ditched the menfolk and spent some time at Webs. I managed to get the 25% off discount, with some help from my mom-in-law and some friends at work, who chipped in with some purchases-by-proxy. I also got to meet the lovely Cirilia of Skrilla Knits. She works at Webs, and is super helpful, and quite knowledgeable! And, she shares my love of Noro :)

Despite the potential enabling influences of Cirilia and my mother-in-law, I managed to stick to my purchase plans! I had wanted to buy some sock yarn for me, and some for my Sockapaloooza pal. Here it is, all together. All six skeins are Artyarns Ultramerino 4 -- 100% merino wool, and super soft. I made my M-I-L's Christmas socks with this yarn and loved working on them.

The green/blue/purple skeins on the left are for my sock pal. I had a hard time choosing something for her. In the info I got with her name, she said that she did not like pastel colors, and requested wool or cotton (no synthetics) but that otherwise she was wide open to any kind of design!

Here's a closeup where you can better see the colors in the yarn I picked...

These are definitely NOT pastels!

I looked at a lot of different colors, both solid and variegated. My pal has a blog but it's not updated too often, and I couldn't get a great idea of her knitting/yarn preferences. I did get some sense of her color tastes, but there wasn't an obvious direction, like you would get from looking at the blogs of Teresa or Claudia. So, in the end I went with this colorway because it had several good colors in it, rather than just one or two.

Now, I need to find a pattern for the yarn. I'm going to wind it into balls first, and knit up a little swatch. At first, I was thinking of lace, but I think that the "yow-za" colors will obscure most patterns. So, if I do choose a lacy pattern, it will be a simple one! I'm guessing that these colors might act like some Koigu skeins I've seen, so I think I'll go surfing to see what kind of Koigu socks are out there. I might also hunker down with my Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries.

More updating tomorrow ... gotta go take care of some other stuff...


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