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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hats, socks, sleeves, and swimmers!

I've been a busy little bee this week.

Saturday, I spent about 13 hours on this pool deck with these swimmers ...

The girls did a FABULOUS job at their New England Junior and Senior championship meet. We entered one senior team and 2 junior teams, and won 2 gold medals and a silver. Can't get much better than that!! We also won lots of medals in solo, duet, trio, and team competition. In a week and a half, we will be heading to Tonawanda, NY (near Buffalo) for the East Zone Junior champs, so a busy 2 weeks are ahead!

While I was coaching, I sent my wonderful husband to mail out my red scarves. Here they are, all tagged and ready to go.

But, although busy, I still had some time for knitting. I finished a hat to match my winter set. I finished it while watching the news on Saturday night, after coming home from our meet. I was pretty tired, but still running on adrenaline. So, I completed the hat, but I wasn't sure that the brim was the right size. I thought I'd wear it for a few minutes to see if it felt too tight. Well, I fell asleep on the couch wearing the hat. I guess it was fine! Here is a photo of me -- the next day! -- modeling it.

I made the matching scarf and gloves last year. Here are all the items together...

On Sunday, I worked on the Baby Delia sweater. As always, I'm knitting both sleeves together. I've done 12 of the 18 increases, so I'm nearing the end. I guarantee that they are the same size. Unfortunately, one is curling up more than the other in this photo.

And finally, I gave my dad his Whitby socks, edited to include longer toes. He is very happy with the fit. However, he won't wear them out of the house! He thinks that they would fit under his shoes just fine, but he'd rather "save" them for at home. Whatever -- his choice!


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