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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Red hot mittens

Wow, I have so much to post about and not nearly enough time to do it!! Pardon the drive-by blogging...

Today's topic: RED HOT MITTENS (and a hat).

The yarn that I dyed with Kool Aid earlier this week is becoming a hat and mittens for Dulaan (I'm in a rush and I'm not linking -- I'm sure you all now about Dulaan by now. If not, I linked to it yesterday...).

I worked almost a full day yesterday, but left a little early since I still felt yucky. I spent all night on the living room chair. I cast on for a pair of mittens using the bible according to Ann Budd. (Chapter 1: Mittens). I think they will fit a 2-3 year old. The Mafia says that I'm probably right, although her 2 1/2 year old son has big hands. Go read her post from today. Yep, her son!

In no time at all, I had a cuff. Note the green stitch markers -- I'll talk about them tomorrow.

Before long, the mittens were done. During the 9:00pm episode of Law and Order, if I recall correctly. Look at the cool colors that the Kool Aid produced. I'm in love! And it smells great. Yes, I've been sniffing my yarn ...

Next, I started a hat. I used Susan's Live Dangerously, Don't Swatch hat pattern (warning: PDF file!). I learned how to do the Emily Ocker's Cast On recommended by Grumperina at the Team Boston closing ceremonies party.

More to follow when the hat is done...


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