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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

40 days for others

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lenten observance. Through Margene's blog, I heard about a great idea to mark the Lenten season this year, called 40 Days for Others. Annie, the host of this KAL, suggested that for 40 days, we knit as much (or more!) for others in need as we do for ourselves.

This sounds like a great idea to me. Lent is a 40 day season of preparation for Easter and the resurrection of Christ. Traditionally, Lent has been a period of ritual fasting. (For an interesting discussion of the origins and observance of the Lenten fast, read more here.)

From what I have seen, Catholics observe Lent in one of two ways -- (1) give up something, often a food item like chocolate or sweets, or something that brings personal pleasure (lottery tickets, etc.) or (2) add somthing spiritual and/or charitable to their life during these 40 days.

I prefer this second way, although in the past I have been known to give up chocolate for Lent!! (Yes, those of you who know me will know that this was not always easy for me!) However, I have found it more meaningful to add positive actions to my life, rather than to focus on the lack of something. At its heart, the Catholic Church is about community. I would rather focus my energy on serving others, in the traditions of other Catholic women like Dorothy Day or Mother Teresa.

That being said, I plan to do a bunch of knitting for charity between now and Easter. While I won't time exactly how many minutes I spend knitting for me vs. knitting for charity, I will be mindful of the balance. I plan to knit some warm wooly things for Dulaan and some baby hats/booties/sweaters for premature infants.

Yesterday, I seemed to have caught that yucky stomach thing going around in the Greater Boston area. I spent most of the day on the couch, but I managed to expend enough energy to take this ...

... stick it in here ...

... and end up with this ...

That's one 4 ounce skein of whiteish Lopi yarn, mixed with 4 packets of Blastin Berry Cherry Kool Aid. The yarn seemed to take up all of the dye. I think it absorbed a bit more in some areas than others, giving a very slight variegation to the yarn. At least, that's what I hope will happen.

The yarn is still drying, but I hope I will have time to wind it tonight. This will become a hat and/or mittens for Dulaan. I have some more green yarn just like it -- I'd love to find some "Blue Moon Berry" or "Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade" and try to overdye it to turquoise.


  • I hope that you are all better by now. I am doing the 40 days for others KAL too. I am knitting premie caps for a local NICU. I started late but have finished two already. My goal is to get a dozen done by Easter.

    By Blogger Daryl, at 6:00 PM  

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