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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sneak peek

The 4 green lace edgings, one for each side of the baby blanket, are done. Two are blocked and two more are happily sunbathing on my living room floor.
(You can see an edge of the blanket, also pinned out for a proper length comparison.

Since I chose a garter stitch lace that sits flat, I probably didn't need to block these. Although, blocking did help to open up the lace a bit. I was also concerned that the yarn would grow when washed, as each of the squares grew a bit. I knit the edgings slightly shorter than the blanket, and when blocked they did end up just about the right size. Lucky me.

Tonight, I have a date with episode 2 of 2 in the Law and Order and Law and Order: SVU crossover plot line. I'm hoping to attached both of the edgings that are done being blocked, and if the other two that are pinned to my floor are dry, perhaps get a start on those too.


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