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Friday, October 24, 2008


So, you were all looking for a Rhinebeck wrap-up, right? Here's the quick version: I went, I saw friends, had drinks, bought yarn, and came home. Last year, I was all about the fiber buying, as I had a new wheel at the time. This year, it was about seeing friends and perhaps making a few new ones.

I had a fabulous time. And now I'm paying the price ...

365.25: Another cuppa (by aswim in knits)

... home sick with a cup of tea.

Thank goodness for Flickr, Ravelry, and Bloglines to keep me amused, because daytime television is crap.

Oh, and what did I buy? Not much! I'm fairly restrained at festivals.

These skeins from Zeilinger's are destined to be a stranded yoke sweater, along with another darker color for the body.
Zeilinger's (by aswim in knits)

I also got a single skein of some yummy, squishy soft merino from Punta Yarns:
punta yarns (by aswim in knits)

And some sheep:
sheepies (by aswim in knits)

Also, although not shown, 4 ounces of natural colored merino roving to practice woolen-style drafting.

Now, back to loafing on the couch. I think it's time for another cup of tea.

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  • I hope you feel better soon!

    I love the little sheepies :)

    By Blogger Julie, at 11:23 AM  

  • awwwwwww .... feel better! (Me, I'm glued to MSNBC during the day. I will be a loose ends on Nov. 6th.)

    By Blogger Ruth, at 11:39 AM  

  • That Punta yarn is luminescent. Hope you're feeling better! I had this at the beginning of the week but am feeling mostly better now. I would marry Zicam if I could.

    By Blogger Bertha, at 11:50 AM  

  • All that fun comes with a price! I hope you feel better soon.

    By Blogger Carole Knits, at 12:24 PM  

  • Sheep = love!!

    By Blogger Deb, at 12:25 PM  

  • Feel better quickly! I'm sorry we didn't get to say "Hey!". ;-)

    By Blogger Margene, at 12:54 PM  

  • Feel Better!!!

    to speed up the cold process: elderberry tea... works everytime!

    lovin' the sheep...

    By Blogger Mini, at 1:18 PM  

  • I hope you feel better soon! Those sheep are so funny!

    By Blogger Sarah, at 2:43 PM  

  • Sheep and yarn, good times. Sorry you're sick though. Eat lots of garlic and chilies. It helps.

    By Blogger Phoe, at 3:11 PM  

  • Feel better soon! You have the ingredients on hand - cute sheep, hot tea, lovely yarn...

    By Blogger Chris, at 7:57 PM  

  • Restrained, well chosen, the good plans.

    I got the virus at SOAR. It lasted 17 days. *sigh* Hope you feel better soon.

    By Blogger Laurie, at 8:13 PM  

  • yuck cold! go away!!!

    it was great seeing you again! we have to get together more often :)

    By Blogger gleek, at 9:47 PM  

  • It was great to see you, however briefly. I think I will be ready to return the you-know-what soon.

    (I did not do so well on the self-restraint front. The first thing we discovered on arrival was that there was plenty of STR left in good colors. Need I say more.)

    By Blogger Lucia, at 3:19 PM  

  • I hope you feel better soon.

    Cute sheep! I love the colors in the yarn too.

    By Anonymous Sydney, at 7:14 PM  

  • great purchases! the sheep are just too cute!

    By Blogger bockstark.knits, at 7:39 PM  

  • Nice purchases, very restrained. It was great seeing you again, though too short a visit.

    Feel better!!

    By Blogger CrazyFiberLady, at 10:51 PM  

  • I hope you feel better soon!

    By Anonymous tiennie, at 4:10 PM  

  • I've been fighting something off for a couple of weeks now...hope it just goes away soon.

    Hope you are feeling better soon...beautiful yarn!

    By Blogger (Not-So) Cynical Gal, at 9:36 AM  

  • Love you sheep! Hope you are feeling better.

    By Blogger Knitting Diva, at 6:46 PM  

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