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Friday, May 26, 2006

feeling crafty

I'm not sure why the sudden flash of inspiration, but I've had many crafty ideas buzzing through my head this week. I wish I had more time to execute all of them!

Here's what I want to do this weekend:

  • Work on the Fountain Lace Cardi fronts. I want to be able to wear this sweater soon!
  • Keep working on my Jaywalker socks. I turned both heels, and am almost done with one gusset. While I won't wear these soon, I would like to finish them so I can start another pair of socks. Yeah, I've got it bad for socks!
  • Design a baby blanket, at the request of a friend. Her baby is being baptized on June 4, so I'd like it to be a gift for that. I won't have time to make a blanket before then, so I'd like to at least pick out the yarn I want to use, and design a pattern. I'll draw up the pattern, knit a swatch, and come up with a cute way of packaging the gift as a "blankie promise".
  • Quilt! I am NOT a quilter, but I have been really inspired by some of the great quilts I have seen online recently. I particularly liked the baby quilt by Kathy from Pink Chalk Studio. It's a pattern from a Denyse Schmidt book, and it looks like it might be appropriate for a beginner quilter. I have the book on hold at a local bookstore, and I'm going to pick it up tonight!! All week long, I have been thinking about creating this pattern in black and brights. Lo and behold, I saw a very similar version over at Swim. I may even hit the fabric store tonight too :)
  • Sew a skirt. Not sure what exactly, but a simple summer pattern. Hopefully one without a zipper!
  • Play with Sculpey polymer clay. Somewhere on my craft shelves, I have a collection of this stuff. I haven't used it recently, so I hope it is still in good condition, not too dried out. I have a leftover mint tin from Au Bon Pain (smaller than an Altoid box), and I want to cover the lid with some sort of clay design. I'm thinking of a checkerboard pattern, using marbled squares interspersed with plain colored squares. Not sure what I will use it for. Perhaps for stitch marker storage.
  • Beads! I made a necklace for a friend several years ago. A couple of months ago, she asked if I could shorten it. It should take me all of about 10 minutes, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
  • Make some notebooks, using the text block kits sold at Paper Source. Our team has 2 graduating seniors, and I want to make one as a gift for each of them. As soon as I get out of work today (early! at 3:00 pm! thanks boss!!) I'm going to head down there and see what I find. I may also buy the tools I need -- bone folder, PVA glue, brush -- instead of always borrowing them from my mom. See, my mom is the one who has a huge collection of paper and paper-related crafts. I don't do too much in this area, but I do like making handmade books or albums. I don't do the scrap-book-y thing, just simple covers and pages. Since I've only made 4 other books in the past couple of years, I haven't bought the tools. But, I think I might invest in a few basics.
  • [Edited to add]: I also have a quilt top pieced for a doggy blanket. (I say that like I am an expert quilter. It's really just 9 squares of fabric sewn together with a mitered border.). If I finish this, I will (a) donate it to Rebekah's animal drive and (b) feel less guilty about starting more projects!
I think that this is WAAAY more than I can accomplish this weekend. I'll have to prioritize. Or not. Maybe I'll just do whatever inspires me at the moment!


  • That's the plan for this WEEKEND? Not for June?! ;)

    I did the same thing for a baby blanket, although I am still waiting for my last two colors to arrive. Sigh. Anyway, I'm doing the log cabin baby blanket from Mason-Dixon knitting - very quiltlike. Combine your interests into one handy package??

    Have a great weekend! Leave time to relax, eh?

    By Blogger Chris, at 2:06 PM  

  • I got tired just reading your list! I'm with Chris - are you sure that isn't your list for JUNE?

    By Blogger Kathy, at 6:54 PM  

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