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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SC progress and project inventory...

Here are the sleeves to the Sitcom Chic. The one in progress is a little further along -- I think I did another 2-3 increase rounds while waiting for my oil change and during my lunch hour.


I would love to finish the sleeves this week and have them joined to the body of the sweater before I go away next week ... I think that's probably quite do-able. I also have to finish some hand sewing on the nieces' dresses too ... and cast on for another sock. We'll see. Perhaps I'll spare you any more photos until I get up to the yoke.

I've decided that I am on a yarn diet. Not because I have too much yarn. Too much yarn? Never! (In fact, I just enabled Kaitlyn's stashing by suggesting that she start storing her yarn in her unused luggage when she runs short on storage space!) No, my problem is too little cash for the yarn acquisition. We've started the ramp-up to our "austerity budget". Once Thom goes back to school full-time in September, I don't think that the budget can accomodate yarn purchases, especially as I have a fine selection stashed. Although I'm making exceptions for gift knitting :)

So, here are the projects that spring to mind without checking the stash. This does NOT include the random balls of yarn, or things that I have since forgotten about :)

WIP's to finish:
- ,Sitcom Chic
- Koigu socks
- Broadripple socks

Projects that will require yarn acquisition:
- Baby blanket for T&C's baby (no known gender)
- Mittens for Da's Xmas gift

Projects in the stash:
- pink Cotton tots and red Cotton-ease for bolero sweater to match nieces' dresses
- white and pale green Rowan handknit dk for T&C baby hat (possibly also some booties to match!
- baby brush alpaca lace scarf
- Schaeffer Anne socks
- winter hat to match my scarf/gloves
- mittens for Thom to match his hat.
- Red cotton-ease for Scoop du Jour
- blue cotton-ease for another sweater
- grey something-or-other for Must Have Cardi for mom
- Jawoll sock yarn
- grey yarn for secret project for Thom (hee, hee!)
- purple DB cotton silk aran -- enough for a little girl sweater
- PLENTY of yarn for charity hats, mittens, etc.

I'll have to re-assess the stash and post if I forgot anything else :)


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