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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sitcom Chic

Kristen was right! I am making a Sitcom Chic with my Cotton-Ease. The color is called "Mint" although I don't think it looks like mint at all. It's really more of a toothpaste shade of blue-green.

I started the sweater once before but had gauge issues and also chose the wrong size, so it was huge! This time, I am making the 40" size and am getting gauge, so I think it should fit better. I finished up to the armholes last night and wrapped it around me and the size seems good.

I started a sleeve tonight, but I'll wait til daylight to take a photo.

I have enough red and blue Cotton-Ease in the stash to make another sweater, and I'm thinking about the Scoop du Jour cardigan, also designed by Bonne Marie Burns. What do you think?


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