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Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm back, leaving again soon ...

I spent the end of last week here at a conference for work. Food was great -- mmm, lobsters and yummy desserts and smores and wine by the campfire...! (Side note: I still managed to lose a half pound last week! I wonder how I did that?)

At this conference, I was "outed" as a knitter by someone in my department on the first day. From then on, I was known as "one of the knitters", since I also have a knitting colleague who came with WIPs in tow. I decided that it was then ok to KIP while at the conference! Unfortunately, I had to take notes during several sessions, but did spend a bit of time knitting the sleeve to my Sitcom Chic. I now have one sleeve finished, and about 1/3 of the second sleeve done. I'll post a photo tomorrow.

I also spent Sunday sewing the dresses for the nieces! Note to self: read pattern directions BEFORE purchasing pattern. I have to hand sew some parts of this. Yech. This is what I was sewing the rest of the dresses with ...
That's a Singer 301A, circa 1958. And, yes, I did swipe that photo from the International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society, that's how old the machine is!!! Somehow, I can't seem to find (or identify) the zipper foot that goes with the machine, so I kind of worked around it ... photos of the dresses tomorrow too, I hope.

On Sunday, I leave for another conference, this time at Dartmouth. What WIPs to bring? Hopefully the Sitcom Chic sleeve #2 will be done, and joined together. I can also start the second Koigu sock. I think that's probably the plan for now...


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