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Friday, May 20, 2005

Stripey sleeves

Here is the promised knitting content ...

I finished the back of the Little Star sweater, and experimented with short row shoulders. I think I did them right, but I'll have to wait until the front is done to try the three needle bindoff and see how it worked. No picture, since it's all scrunched up on a stitch holder right now.

I also started the sleeves. To reach the right length, I'm guessing that I will end up with 3 blue stripes and 2 white stripes above the ribbing on each sleeve. Which means that these are about half done!

Here's how they are looking:

Unfortunately, here are the ends that I artfully concealled in the first photo. Ugh!

Kristen, does your stripey BSCF sweater have ends to weave in, or have you been able to carry your yarns? I'm guessing that you are carrying them, since you had a big tangled mess to deal with recently!


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