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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bird in Hand mittens, complete

I just remembered that I never posted finished photos of my Bird in Hand mittens.

I started these in December and finished them earlier this month. I remember why I don't knit mittens more often -- I hate knitting thumbs! Fiddly little things. (I don't know how Sandy makes so many mittens.)
Bird in Hand

These thumbs are worth the aggravation though. So cute!
Bird in Hand thumbs
(My birds each have their own personality...)

The palms are plain with little flecks of white ...
Bird in Hand palms

And the insides are almost as pretty as the outsides.
Bird in Hand insides

Full specs on Ravelry.

These are beautiful mittens, and Kate's non-repeating design was so fun to knit!

Unfortunately, I don't know when I will ever wear these. One of my many quirks is that I only like matched sets -- hat, scarf, and mittens. See my winter accessories, or my father-in-law's hat, scarf, and mittens, or Thom's hat and mittens. (Apparently, I knit both hats in the pre-blog period, so I'll have to get some photos of those. They match the mittens, suffice it to say.)

I guess I could buy more yarn and design a hat and scarf to knit, but I just don't see that happening. So, I'll just enjoy looking at them.

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  • They are gorgeous! Maybe someone will answer the call and design a hat and/or scarf to make a set?

    By Anonymous Bethe, at 1:33 PM  

  • They are great! And since I don't have issues with matching accessories, you could always just give them to me. :-)

    By Blogger Carole Knits, at 1:43 PM  

  • Nice job! They look marvelous.

    By Blogger Margene, at 2:20 PM  

  • They are gorgeous! Hmm... maybe you could just do a simpler hat and scarf in those colors...

    By Blogger Chris, at 2:20 PM  

  • how does the maf not slap you sometimes? sheesh.

    i'm with chris. how about a coordinating scarf/hat set using the same yarns/colors but in a simpler motif. like stripes. or just those flecks. you wouldn't want too much of that pattern all over the place anyway.

    By Blogger maryse, at 2:35 PM  

  • Gorgeous!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:56 PM  

  • incredible!!

    By Blogger Sarah, at 3:15 PM  

  • LOVE THEM! I just finished the main part of my first mitten, just need to finish the thumb tonight and sew down the picot! Maybe I can blog it tomorrow. And it would seriously be a shame not to wear these so I hope you can make a hat or scarf to match!

    By Blogger Bertha, at 3:26 PM  

  • OH! I love them! LOVE! (and don't you mean how Sandy HAS (in the past) made so many mittens?) sigh.
    These are on my list!
    And I don't get you "matching" people! :)

    By Blogger Sandy, at 3:48 PM  

  • You did a lovely job! They're beautiful!

    By Anonymous elisa, at 5:27 PM  

  • That flower-and-leaf motif would look gorgeous on a hat. I can imagine a double-knit scarf too. You are dangerous.

    By Blogger Lucia, at 9:19 PM  

  • They are just lovely, as always!

    By Blogger Julie, at 7:28 AM  

  • two things you can do:
    1) put into a basket for Christmas--- see? One present: done!
    2) send them to me b/c I didn't knit mine yet. and yours are pretty.

    By Blogger Mini, at 8:31 AM  

  • Beautiful! I'll make good of them! hehe

    By Blogger Manise, at 9:00 AM  

  • Hahahaha! Does it make you twitch when you run into me and I have on all non-matching handknits? :-)

    Here's what you can do: cast on 4x the number of stitches in the vine-y side of the mitten. Place markers between the four "mitten fronts". Knit in the round. There's your matching hat! :-) I'm pretty sure I remember Grumperina making a pretty hat this way, or maybe it was Lucia?...

    (Huh, this is weird, I can comment on Blogger again. Yesterday the net nanny software wouldn't let me do that.)

    By Anonymous Beth S., at 1:18 PM  

  • They are just grand! Live dangerously and wear them without a hat and scarf!

    By Blogger Deb, at 1:32 PM  

  • I love 'em! I personally don't like to be too matchy-matchy, so a scarf with the same yarn and that motif just on the end panels like the cuff of the mittens and the same for a hat. Three rows on the brim would be perfect of the the cuff pattern with one leaf row & a flower row on either side and solid in between or the palm pattern in between. Whoa, a Set.

    By Blogger Rhonda the Stitchingnut, at 1:42 PM  

  • Dude they are awesome and I bet you could find a similar patterned hat on Ravelry. In fact, I double dog dare you too. ;)

    By Anonymous Bookish Wendy, at 9:16 PM  

  • They look great, Danielle. I'm sure the blogosphere has something going on whereby you could create a sort-of-matching set.

    By Blogger Kathy, at 8:07 AM  

  • Terrific!! I love these mitts more and more every time I see them. You did a beautiful job, look at those lovely guts!

    By Blogger mel, at 8:42 PM  

  • Terrific!

    By Blogger donnac368, at 7:23 PM  

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